By William Bronchick
Don’t slack, there’s plenty to get done before the end of the month!
1. Clean up your Quickbooks. Make sure everything is entered correctly and reports print accurately. Hire a bookkeeper if you need help or try for good Qbooks tools for real estate investors.
2. Corporate Records in Order. You need an annual meeting of shareholders and directors documented with minutes in your corporate record book. While you’re at it, fix it for the last five years you didn’t do minutes! If you lent your company any money, document it with promissory notes. Check your asset protection status!
3. Design New Business Cards. Your cards are probably outdated and are lame anyway. Try
4. Backup Your Computer. Try or
5. Make Offers on Bank Owned Properties. Banks are trying to clean house by year’s end, so make a closing date before Dec 31st and you will get their attention.
6. Clean Up Your Office. A scanner is a very productive tool for this. Try NEAT or Fujitsu Scansnap.
7. Clean Up Your Property Files. Make sure you’ve got deeds, leases, closing document, etc all in order for each of your properties.
8. Send Holiday Cards to Your Prospects. Let them know you are thinking of them so when you call in January they are more receptive.
9. Make Your Christmas List Tax Deductible. Instead of your spouse buying you what you need, have your BUSINESS buy you that iPad or laptop.
10. Start your next year’s Goals. Why wait until Jan 1st to do goals? Get that done NOW!