Here we go again

Real Estate Trusts

From a recent LA Times article

“After buying tens of thousands of single-family homes in beaten-down markets, major investment firms have quickly become major landlords”

New research from Morgan Stanley predicts that the buy-to-rent sector will grow from $17 billion now to $100 billion over the next several years. These companies have proved the business model viable and will be able to get debt financing to grow their stake in the suburbs, the analysts wrote.

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Rents- the latest security for Wall Street

Securitize home lease payments?
Is this really a good idea?

FORTUNE – At a time when higher returns on Treasury securities and stock dividends are hard to come by, Wall Street has been turning to the market for rental homes. America’s housing market is of course still quite a mess, but large institutional investors have been snapping up foreclosures on the cheap with plans to turn properties into rentals — and then profit when the housing market makes a comeback.

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