Need money to buy your dream house?

There is a new program called REX Home buyer and its a kind of shared appreciation of real estate, Hedge funds, pension funds and the like are getting into this.

They will provide up to half of the down payment when you buy and you give up 40% of the equity when you sell. This is not a new concept. Everything goes away and comes back again when the timing is right. Look into it if you think it might help you.

More evidence that the real estate market is rigged

Article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Right now the dominating force driving the rental market in California is foreclosed-upon former homeowners transitioning to renters,” Burke said. “That demographic is an important market segment for us.”

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What to do with equity

I put this on my blog; my facebook and my email list because I think it’s so important.

Since I come from a family of attorneys, I am always worried about, “what if”.  I try to look ahead so that I try to minimize any possibility of legal hassles. One bad deal can erase a bunch of good deals and can cause major damage. I always try to avoid trouble- especially when dealing with someone in foreclosure.

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It’s to be expected that a non-judicial process that divests a defaulting property owner of their title to real property would be closely regulated to insure fair dealing and uniform application throughout the state.

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Shortage of homes

Can you believe it? After years of bulging inventory of reos, the days on market has shrunk to an amazing 33 in L.A.

Because of several reasons:

  1. Interest rates so low makes for a positive cash flow situation for buy and hold

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