What to do with equity

I put this on my blog; my facebook and my email list because I think it’s so important.

Since I come from a family of attorneys, I am always worried about, “what if”.  I try to look ahead so that I try to minimize any possibility of legal hassles. One bad deal can erase a bunch of good deals and can cause major damage. I always try to avoid trouble- especially when dealing with someone in foreclosure.

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SB cty wants to seize mortgages.

New half baked idea by govt to “solve” housing problems. San Bernadino county wants to seize underwater mortgages by eminent domain, modify them so homeowners can stay in their house.

I am totally opposed to this. I had a property I owned seized by eminent domain because the city wanted the land to build a cty building. I had no say and the price they gave me was a joke.

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