N.Y. to sue Wells Fargo, Bank of America over mortgage practices

foreclosure crimesNo surprise here. They are continuing to violate loan modification, short sale requirement time lines. I know this personally since i am involved in a short sale with my mom’s place in Fla. We had 3 offers over 270 which the bank turned down.  We had another offer of 270 in Jan and the Bank (Wells Fargo) has not responded ,   Cleaned the place out and ready to do a jingle mail- shut off the elec and cancel the insurance. Do you have any idea what a place in Fla is like with a/c?

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Credit misconceptions

Someone sent this to me but i can’t remember who. Thought i’d pass it on anyway.

1) “Free” credit report scores are accurate and reflect mortgage report scores. No.
For the purposes of obtaining a mortgage; free credit reports are literally worthless.

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New short sale and loan mod rules

Homeowners receiving loan modifications for their primary residence (and noted on their credit report); are now being treated as short sellers by Fannie Mae…even if the homeowner was never late on their mortgage.

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