How to negotiate the math

Real Estate Math

When you are making an offer to a seller and there is owner financing involved there are several factors to consider that are negotiable and will affect your final payment.
1. The purchase price
2. the interest rate
3. the cash at close
4. monthly payment.

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Lenders are upset

Upset Lender

They say that the rules brought on by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau go too far in insisting that lenders verify borrowers ability to pay.

A new government agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been created to protect consumers from predatory lending practices. As with every government act, it goes too far.

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Ridiculous lender demands

Lender and Customer
Think its hard to get  a loan? You ain’t heard anything.The pendulum has swung so far to the other side- from granting a loan to anyone who breathes, to making it virtually impossible to most people. Forget even trying if you work for yourself.

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Condo rules relaxed by FHA

Even though the rules were meant for condo developments, this also applies to individuals looking to buy and sell condos.

I have previously told my students not to bother with condos unless it was owner financing or subject because it if you think it is tough to get a loan for a single family house, you should see what’s like for a condo, It ain’t happinin.

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