Need money to buy your dream house?

There is a new program called REX Home buyer and its a kind of shared appreciation of real estate, Hedge funds, pension funds and the like are getting into this.

They will provide up to half of the down payment when you buy and you give up 40% of the equity when you sell. This is not a new concept. Everything goes away and comes back again when the timing is right. Look into it if you think it might help you.

This is what investors should be doing

Real estate agent Ryan Mathys points out a view.

Realtors are going in the field and farming like they used to. They are contacting home owners even before they even think about selling. They are calling, driving and sending mail. They have lots of “pocket listings” this way- people who are considering selling. They don’t wait until the home owner is ready to sell. It’s too late then.

This is what real estate investors should be doing in a hot sellers market. If you wait until it is listed, lots of luck. You will be outbid by a cash buyer who does not care about comps.

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New home building is booming

New Constuction
Once again there is a frenzy for new homes and people are camping out to get theirs. The median price for new homes in southern California jumped 19% in the last year to $401.New construction jumped 56%.

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Why it’s important to get everything in writing.

When it comes to real estate, there is no such thing as an oral contract. It’s especially important to get things right when dealing with contractors. No handshake deals. My ex and i who was an attorney put our kids through college on broken trust issues,

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