When to do a lease with option

lease-optionsBuying on a lease option is a good alternative when the seller has good credit and is not behind. Some sellers value their credit and there is no way they will let you take over the property subject to. Still, they are upside down and can’t sell. I know first hand because i have a property in Miss that i bought for the Katrina tax credits.

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Real Estate data is all over the place

Is the real estate market improving or standing still or going down?

I just read something that said,” Bridgeport, Houston, and Denver were the metro areas with the strongest showing, each with 1.6 percent monthly increases.  Grand Rapids was up 1.5 percent followed by three Connecticut cities, Norwich, New Haven, and Torrington, with 1.4 percent gains.  Tucson saw a 0.1 percent drop in its HPI and Lakeland Florida was unchanged from April to May.

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Real Estate Scams

Foreclosures Are Up

Foreclosures are Up


It’s about time these crooks were caught. Ca. law makes it illegal to take money upfront to do a loan modification but these attorneys get around it by calling it a retainer. The poor homeowners think its a fee. They don’t understand that a retainer is only the first payment. When the money is used up in hourly work, you get billed again. It’s a bottomless pit.

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