Hottest neighborhoods for 2015


This is from an L.A.Times article. on the hottest neighborhoods for 2015.  Sorry L.A. did not make the list.

“In the Los Angeles area, the 2015 winners were Fox Hills in Culver City, California Heights in Long Beach, Cheviot Hills on the Westside, Leimert Park in South L.A. and a neighborhood surrounding Jefferson Boulevard in Culver City.

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California board of realtors updated the contract

This Ca. board of realtors update is HUGE.

I have been talking for years about the fact that i have been doing deals in 4 states and Ca. is the only state that does not have a clause in the contract that prohibited assignments. Contract law is federal- not state specific. Contract law states that unless assignment in mentioned in the contract, that contract is automatically assignable. So i never put in “and or assigns”.

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