Don’t use zillow zestimate

That is an average. Appraisers don’t average. They pick the ones closest and measure up or down according to the features of the comps. Something that is on a dead end street is worth more than the same house on a busy street. B edrooms and baths matter. Additional features matter. It’s an art-not a science. After you have been doing it awhile, ¬†you get the hang of it. you also can’t go back more than 3 months and no more than a mile away. This is ok to get a general idea but to be really sure, you need to visit the comps. Neighborhoods change block to block. Major streets also become neighborhood boundaries.

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How to sign a contract

We have reached a meeting of the minds, as they say, on my house. My years of dealing with realtors have taught me well.

When i got the contract i rprinted it and read EVERY LINE AND LOOKED AT EVERY BOX CHECKED. These are the things that can come up later and bite you in the you know what. Instead of going back and forth with paper pushing to make changes, i called the realtor and worked out the details orally. Of course, nothing means anything until its in writing, but patience is not my strong suit so i like to talk first.

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Deja vu

Amazing, i always tell my students that when they are figuring the costs involved with buying and selling a property, they have to figure on 2 sets of closing costs, realtor costs and repair costs. The extra thing you don’t expect is the selling broker sneaking in a request to have you as seller pay a bunch of the buyer’s closing costs,

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