Homeownership Declines again,


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Homeownership rate in the first quarter was highest in the Midwest at 68.6 percent and lowest in the West at 58.5 percent.  That’s because our rents are so high compared to other areas. If you own a rental property you are doing well. It’s a good time to buy and hold. Even if you can’t qualify, find someone in trouble and do some kind of creative financing. That’s what i teach my students. Even if they have no equity, no can make money.

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Be the squeaky wheel


Follow up constantly with the lender to get the escrow closed.

Please do as i say- not as i did. Part of getting the escrow closed is dealing with the lender. You should always have permission from the buyer to speak to the lender. Of course i did that but then i got  lazy after the first conversation. The lender assured me that the borrower had been approved and it was just a matter of update.

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