What to do with empty houses.

fixer house I have a nose for these. I can spot an empty house from 100 yards away. Once I was driving around looking for uglies and a cop stops me and asks to get out and walk a line. I said, “Officer its 11 am. Do you think I am drunk?” “Lady”, he said, “you were weaving”. I replied, “Of course I was weaving- there’s one, there’s one”

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Do you know about abatement?

Abatement Pic
I just did a great interview with John Fluker. John is a retired code enforcement official from the city of LA and Compton. He bailed me out of trouble several times. Dealing with code is like a good old boys party that you are not invited to. It was so frustrating. Every time the inspector came down, he found something else wrong. It was not until i hired John that things started to move along. He is some one you need to have on your team if you want to deal with properties that have code violations.

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Dealing with lead during renovation

If you’re renovating a home built before 1978, take precautions to deal with lead that was formerly used in paint.

by Scott J. Wilson, Los Angeles TimesJuly 15, 2012

If you’re planning to renovate a home built before 1978, there are regulations concerning dust and other materials containing lead, a toxic substance formerly used in paint. Some key things to know:

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Flipping is dead

Every time you make an offer to  a bank, be prepared to close. There is no assignment regardless of what some “guru” tells you. You can do a double close but it is risky and complicated. Your deposit is at risk unless you have someone who is willing to put up the deposit in the 2nd escrow before the inspection contingency expires. YOU CAN NOT ADD ANOTHER NAME TO THE CONTRACT OR CHANGE IT IN ANY WAY.

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