No doc refi and no appraisal

FHA Streamline
Believe it or not- it exists. It’s called an FHA streamline appraisal. You ┬áhave to be current and have an FHA loan. It does not matter if you can’t qualify otherwise. Even if your credit is not great. No income verification, no credit check.

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Questions to ask the bank after you fax in authorization to release information

Bank Authorization Release information

When you are dealing with a seller and taking over the property subject to the existing loan, you are going to transfer the property to a trust, with you as trustee. So in order to get the bank to talk to you, you have to get a signed authorization to release information from the seller Then you call the bank and tell them that you are the trustee and that you have this form and ask where to fax it.

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I’m just like you

Years ago I was a housewife living in Florida, and just trying to increase our income. I became a real estate seminar junky and quickly acquired 44 properties in a down market. Well, as that famous philosopher, John Lennon said, life is what happens when you are making plans. I found myself divorced with alimony that would not even cover my rent.
I just continued doing what I had learned and, guess what- I MADE A LOT OF MONEY- so much so that my ex petitioned the court to stop the alimony because I was making 4 times what he was making.

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Why it’s important to get everything in writing.

When it comes to real estate, there is no such thing as an oral contract. It’s especially important to get things right when dealing with contractors. No handshake deals. My ex and i who was an attorney put our kids through college on broken trust issues,

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