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Phyllis Rockower

– President & Founder, REIC of LA

I first got started in real estate in the late 70’s in New York, when I bought my first fixer upper in 1979 for 82k and then selling it 7 years later for 435k. Needless to say, I was very happy with the profits I had made on my first real estate deal and the thought of doing it again excited me very much. And so prior to the “tank” in the Long Island real estate market I moved to Florida determined to duplicate the success I had in New York. So with a plan I my head and a hunger in my heart I began down the road of success. I started out slowly, buying and fixing a few houses in the area when I thought I could make a profit. Then one day it occurred me that I could make more money if I started learning what the pro’s knew, and with that in mind I began attending seminars and began gaining the knowledge to learn more on how to really maximize my real estate investing efforts and the rest, as they say, is history. I quickly owned 40 rental properties and was well on my way to building a lucrative retirement.

But as time went on I began to experience a down-turn on the “Ladder of Success” and soon found myself divorced and with little money, no credit and all my assets had sadly diminished. It was then that I began to truly understand the saying "Life happens while you are making other plans". Not wanting to stay in the “funk” I found myself, I picked myself up and began climbing out. And with the knowledge I gained from my intense real estate learning programs, I was able to first move to Denver for 2 years and then to Los Angeles where I have been for nearly 16 years. In time I began to buy and sell real estate and soon after started a real estate investor’s club – both of which are flourishing.

I”ve put a lot of effort into building and nurturing my real estate investors’ clubs and I know first hand the value of having like-minded individuals to network and learn from. Today the Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles (LAREIC) has hundreds of members who meet monthly to improve their chances of success by learning from the exciting speakers that come to our meetings, and from the other members as well.

I”ve been interviewed for my real estate expertise by such notable news agencies as:

  • CNBC / 5 times
  • The Daily Breeze
  • Channel 7 News
  • Investor’s Daily
  • KNX Radio
  • NPR
  • Time Magazine

I’m an active real estate investor not just a seminar promoter.

I not only do I talk the talk … but I walk the walk.

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