Home prices in L.A. flat


You need to print this L.A. Times article and similar ones to show to unrealistic sellers. They still think its 2012 when prices were going up by leaps and bounds. That is no longer truw but they won’t accept your word. The printed word is stronger. We are in a normal market with prices going up around 5 % a year or less. Pull up comps from Redfin to support recent sales.I even have developed a spread sheet for my students to show the seller what they can expect to net if they fixed the property themselves and used a realtor. I want them to see that they have more expenses than they know and that they will not make any more money by rejecting my offer. There is a complete package that goes along with it. I help the students prepare the offer and the rest of the package that goes along with it. Sometimes, seeing something in black and white forces reality.

And sometimes it does not. That’s why the secret is to torture them until they either lose the house or sell it to someone else (AND ACTUALLY CLOSE ESCROW). –a broken escrow can be motivating.

Here’s the article.: