Legitimate ways to stop a foreclosure

Please do not do anything that can get you in trouble. Remember you can’t be classified as a foreclosure consultant but there is much info out there on the internet that you can share with them.
DO NOT do anything funky like:
1. Transferring to another entity who declares bk
2. Do any kind of deed transfer

These are the only ways I know of to do this that are legitimate

1. Pay up the arrears
2. Present a contract for sale to the lender. Note: Sometimes the bank m ay refuse to accept this and insist on going through the foreclosure anyway
3. The seller declares bankruptcy
4. Start a loan mod negotiation. Note: Ca. law says they can’t go forward with the foreclosure while negotiating bk (dual-tracking) but some lenders ignore this so don’t trust them.
5. Have the seller whine to the lender- sometimes this works.