Years ago I was a housewife living in Florida, and just trying to increase our income. I became a real estate seminar junky and quickly acquired 44 properties in a down market. Well, as that famous philosopher, John Lennon said, life is what happens when you are making plans. I found myself divorced with alimony that would not even cover my rent.
I just continued doing what I had learned and, guess what- I MADE A LOT OF MONEY- so much so that my ex petitioned the court to stop the alimony because I was making 4 times what he was making.

I moved to ca in 1996 at the bottom of the market and continued doing my thing. Wow- the money to be made here was incredible so I sold my Fla. properties and only invested here in so ca.I did not do this blindly. I built a network of people that were like minded and I could count on to help me.
In 2005, I saw what was coming and sold EVERYTHING. Market timing is sooo important. I don’t like risk.

Now I am back in with both fists and seeing opportunities everywhere. .
When I read about everyone losing his or her job, I am so glad that I don’t have to rely on a boss to determine my future. Sure I have to cut back like everyone else, but I am the master of my own fate. I know that the real estate knowledge that I have will always allow me to make money- no matter what. . I have started over in 4 cities and made money every time. These are skills that anyone can learn and apply. You have these skills and you can live in your dream city. This knowledge is transportable.

This is the era of the entrepreneur. Corporate America is taking a hit that will not be fixed right away. Don’t you want to be in a position to have the financial and mental freedom that being your own boss gives?

Real estate can bring that and more. This is going to be the greatest opportunity you will ever have in your lifetime to have the life style you deserve. The Government is throwing everything they have into fixing the housing market. People will beg, borrow and steal to get the super low interest rates that are here but for how long.

The demand for home ownership is incredible. Nothing has changed the American dream of wanting to own your own home. Today that is even more so. The inventory is pitiful. I feel sorry for the qualified folks who have money, good credit and still can’t get a house. They need us to help them.

We have to go beyond the MLS and find creative ways of buying properties so we can provide deals for them. You need to learn what those methods are.

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