Prices were up 31% from last May and the Los Angeles median price single family home was 423k. The median is the number where half of the houses were above this number and half were below.

What is interesting is the divergence from zip code to zip code,  I like to go through the chart and see where the highest number of home sales were and also the highest increase in price. Sometimes the most price increase comes from only a few sales.

These are the most interesting areas.

  • Burbank had only 15 sales but an increase in price of 51%
  • Granada Hills had 65 sales with an increase of 28%
  • Los Angeles 90020 had 6 sales with an increase of 148%
  • Los Angeles 90029 had 4 sales with an increase of 69%
  • Los Angeles 90065 had 28 sales with an increase of 50%
  • Watts had 28 sales with an increase of 54%
  • North Hollywood had 20 sales with an increase of 54%
  • Manhattan Beach had 49 sales an increase of 26%

Only one down was w Hollywood

You check these out at and look at LA Time chart