Lease Options


  • Move your property quickly,

  • Maintain maximum flexibility,

  • Cover monthly expenses

  • Dramatically increase your overall profit.

This course ware created by Phyllis Rockower Includes:

  • Written manual for step by step instructions
  • Two audio CDs
  • Complete forms with contracts & agreements.

The many benefits a lease/option can provide you include:

  • Immediate relief from mortgage payments
  • Guaranteed no vacancy
  • No need to severely discount the purchase price
  • Possible tax deduction
  • No more tenant and toilet worries

My Favorite system: Lease option a junker

Learn how exactly how I sell houses at retail price and get my buyers to do all the repairs with their money and labor. You’ll see how to make 3 times more money than quick flips on the same house, pay half the taxes and build residual income with no costly entanglements. This has been my favorite exit strategy for over 15 years, and few people even know it exists.

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