It’s even tougher than ever to get a 3.5% FHA loan. You are more likely to fall into the traditional 10% down.. To get the lower downpayment your fico would have had to be 701 on average.

Lenders have grown increasingly concerned about aggressive regulator oversight by the Federal Government.

New tough regulations would make a bank more susceptible to having to buy the loan back if anything funky happened, Banks also have to keep more reserves in their portfolio than before.

So the pendulum has swung back so far the other way . ¬†Since banks generally package and sell their loans, our market won’t go back to normal until the folks who buy these loans feel more comfortable about the risks,

This is why it’s so important to learn about alternative financing. So many people can’t qualify that if you can offer alternative methods,you can get quick sales and more money.

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