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Are You Afraid to get Started Because you don’t know if the market has become too hot?

Not to worry! You can make money in real estate – lots of it – and in all kinds of markets- As long as you have the right information. Naive investors are always fearful at the wrong times. Choose to be savvy. Choose to be rich. While others seem to wait until markets hit the top, savvy investors are doing what they do best. They’re “bargain hunting” and getting amazing positive cash flow.

Market conditions have changed. What worked last year is now “so last year”.


How do you know whom you can trust?

To start looking for a real estate club, check how long they have been actively investing. For that matter, have they ever invested? For over 30 years we have been helping real estate investors learn “The difference between investing and speculating”. Don’t be fooled by newcomers to the field claiming to be experts. New Real Estate “Clubs” are popping up faster than you can say, “Real Estate Bubble”. Most of them are so new that they have not been in the business long enough to have experienced the highs and lows of the market. It’s tricky to be able to tell “Good Clubs vs Bad Clubs.”

“Where landlords go to schmooze”– CNN Money“One of the best things about being in a club… is the access it provides to reliable contractors, suppliers and other skilled people.”– New York Times

The reason the Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles (LAREIC) has become so successful is because our students – people just like you – have become tremendously successful. That is why we are known as the trusted source for investment knowledge on Southern California real estate. Investors say that what makes the REIC of Los Angeles – LAREIC so unique is that we show our members how to make money in changing markets. Whether real estate goes up, goes down or even if it stays flat, our members learn how to make massive profits.


We are an affiliation of investors, ranging from beginners to “gurus”.

Monthly meetings include guest speakers discussing topics to assist investors in acuiring and protecting their assets.

Topics such as:

Getting Started

Finding Money

Buying Without Money

…or Credit

Buying and Selling Paper

Short Sales


Land LordingWholesalingAsset ProtectionAvoiding TaxesRehabbingLease Option and More!!!

Make a commitment to achieving a financial quantum leap.

Join us at our meetings and workshops and become a member.

MEMBERSHIP MEETINGSMeetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each monthMeeting location: Double Tree Hotel Culver CityTime: 6:30pm for Networking – Meeting: 7:30pmCost $29 and can be applied towards membershipMembers come FREE! Not a member? Call (310)792-6404