The following is a post created by Phyllis Rockower in 2013 but is still relevant. Her son, attorney, and real estate investor, William Bronchick, is continuing her blog as per her wishes and continue to educate real estate investors


1. Tell the voice in your head that repeats negative thoughts to shut up
2. Listen to inspirational tapes
3. Surround yourself with positive people and dump the others
4. Don’t take negative thoughts to bed. That should be your place to unwind
5. Don’t open letters with potentially bad news at night or on the weekend. You can’t do anything about it then and it will disturb your sleep. (open them right before doing exercise so you can get rid of negative feelings )
6. Think of 3 things every day that you are thankful for.
7. Set goals- write them down and put them on your bathroom mirror
8. Tell someone you love them every day- even if it’s only your pet.
9. Take some time off each week
10. Always have a nice vacation to look forward to- even if it’s only a few hour excursion
11. Take care of yourself physically
12. Don’t dwell on past hurts
13. Live in the present
14. Reward yourself for accomplishments
15. Make new friends and reach out to them


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