tools for success

These Are Proven Tools That Really Work For Success!

 10 Ways To Get Started

10 Ways to Get Started Now!!!

The Quick-Start Guide to Becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor with no money, no credit or even a job.





Birddogging 101

Special course by 20 yr veteran Phyllis Rockower Do you want to get started in real estate investing but don’t have money, a job, credit, or friends with money? Is this you? You don’t need that. What you do need is energy, education and a burning desire to succeed. Anyone can do it if they get up and do it instead of making excuses.








 Prospect Sheet & Instructional Video

This is the missing link between “lead” and “deal”.
Downloadable Prospect sheet and accompanying Instruction Video tells you all the questions to ask to determine if you should pursue a property. It also helps you determine what you will need to do to the property for your exit strategy.



What’s A Deal?

A video 5 step program that allows you to take the information the seller has given you and take it
through the process to decide if this is something worth pursuing.



Don’t Rent Your House- Lease Option It

Strategies to avoid
landlording headaches.
Tenants and toilets can be a nightmare. They say that what you don’t know about landlording,
your tenants will teach you. Don’t learn these lessons. I have perfected the system that allows
you to have a “hands off” approach to landlording that will make you much more money.



Phyllis’ Best Real Estate Investing Articles

Get close to 100 of Phyllis’ Best Real Estate Investing Articles for a Limited Time.



Basic Training Boot Camp

A Full Day of Intensive Complete Real Estate Investor Training by Phyllis Rockower. Includes 4 Disks, containing 13 Videos, plus additional Latest Market Update, and an accompanying Handbook.